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Qure Speech and Hearing Clinic was established in 2010 at Coimbatore in Gandhipuram , by Mr. M. Sundaravel MASLP. He having experience since 2001 (23 years) in the field of Speech and Hearing. Treating patient with hard of hearing and providing best speech therapy to needy population.

We provide service with our state-of-the-art procedures; we guide you in finding out your hearing ability. we want you to know your hearing capacity.

Our Services

We are providing best speech and hearing solutions

We warmly welcome you to Qure Speech and Hearing Clinic, your reliable partner when it comes to getting solutions for speech and hearing disorders. Speech and hearing problems may seem minor, but for affected people, they pose numerous challenges. This is where our role at Qure comes in, we are devoted to giving patients quality solutions and support.

Hearing Aid Trial, Fitting and Service
Speech Language Therapy
Cochlear Implant Assessment
New Born Hearing Screening
Hearing Assesement
Occupational Therapy
Auditory Verbal Therapy

Our Product

The cornerstone of our business is quality, and this ideal stretches as far as the products we offer to our clients. Based on the innovative technology in the hearing aids industry, we provide special tools for people to help them have better speech and hearing health.

BTE (Behind the Ear)
RIC ( Rest in the Canal)
CIC (Completely in the Canal)
ITC ( In the Canal)
IIC ( Invisible in the Canal)
BTE (Behind the Ear) Black
ITC ( In the Canal)
Custom Hearing Aids
Rechargeable Hearing Aids
BTE (Behind the Ear) Black

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